Rapture Kimono - Pacha on Acid (Limited Edition)

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This item is ready to ship in 1-3 business days. 

Limited edition means we may produce these in the future but currently only have a small amount.

Our new, long sleeve kimonos are the perfect accessory to pair with your bodysuits and RWMG sets! Featuring flowy sleeves and a longer length, it will become a piece you can wear multiple times over countless outfits.  


The jacket is VERY delicate!  Do NOT wash this in the washer/dryer. Hand-wash gently and hang dry!

ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Fits oversized.

All of our products are hand-wash only. Please wash this garment in lukewarm water with soap and lay flat to dry.

There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges on our products. 

Rapture Kimono - Pacha on Acid (Limited Edition)
Rapture Kimono - Pacha on Acid (Limited Edition)