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Our new masks will keep you safe and secure from dust and dirt! Protect yourself!

  • All of our products are hand-wash only.
  • Please wash this garment in cool water and lay flat to dry.
  • Always follow these instructions so you can keep your RWMG pieces in badass condition!

    There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges on our products. Please refer to our policy section. For questions, please email


    Our latest exclusive collaboration with graphic designer, SeriouslyHallie.

    If you don't already know "RAVEWITHMIGENTE" means to rave with my people. Imagine yourself at 4am in a warehouse dancing to techno with all your friends. Not a care in the world, just surrendering yourself to the music. This is what we want you to think of when you wear these pieces. We're not just a brand, we are a statement. 

    Each piece was made locally and ethically with the most love and care.

    RWMG OR DIE Face Mask
    RWMG OR DIE Face Mask