The Slider Top - Dance, Dance (PREORDER)
The Slider Top - Dance, Dance (PREORDER)
The Slider Top - Dance, Dance (PREORDER)
The Slider Top - Dance, Dance (PREORDER)

The Slider Top - Dance, Dance (PREORDER)

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Introducing our new Slider Tops! The Top is stretchy and made with our spandex fabrics. It comes with an adjustable cord that can be tightened or loosened with a cord stopper. The top can be worn loose or tight depending on your liking! 

These tops are currently one size fits most.

A-D cup comfortably! Top will have a looser affect on smaller sizes. 

All of our products are hand-wash only. Please wash this garment in cold water and lay flat to dry.

There are absolutely no refunds or exchanges on our products. Please refer to our policy section. For questions, please email

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We aim to create sustainable pieces that will last you many wears. Versatility, originality and quality combined into one sick label. With the right amount of care, our clothing should last you many, many festivals. We encourage you to rewear our clothing! 


We are a rave, festival fashion and streetwear brand created by designer, Belle Herrera. Every piece is made in small production, it isn't mass produced. All our clothing is ethically and locally made in our South Florida studios - WITH LOVE. 


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