🔥 Exciting News: The Maneater Collection Drops 2/9! 🔥

RWMG Mamis : Unleash your inner bad bitch with our Maneater Collection—dropping this Friday, 2/9 at 3pm EST. Embrace femme fatale vibes, rebel against cliché Valentines, and flaunt an elevated festival fashion in blacks, reds, and psychedelic auras. Festival season is about to get MUCH sexier.

Behind the scenes magic at HGAB Studios! 🔥 Our photoshoots were nothing short of extraordinary, and we can't wait to unveil the hottest shots of all time. Stay tuned for more footage—some are too hot to handle! ✨📸 

⚡ **Playlist Vibes:**
Techno girls, dive into our curated playlist for sexy 140+ bpms that will match your Maneater mood.


📌 **Moodboard Magic:**
Peek at our visuals capturing the essence of Maneater.


Set your alarms and get ready to slay. The Maneater Collection is coming—2/9.

Stay fierce,
Mi Gente Clothing ✨

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